Performance Lighting Upgrades

2018 new LED product line released!

Go Performance released the upgrade X1 and L1 Series LED Performance Bulbs on 8th December 2017 in the Canada market. The newly enhanced X1 and L1 Series LED performance bulbs to feature the state-of-art optic design and improved thermal management technology. The new product line not only solved application issues of LED headlight conversion but also provide electronic systems that will eliminate any electronic error.

Along with the LED Performance Bulbs line, the new line of HID Conversion Kit is introduced to complete the product portfolio. The newly developed HID System is equipped with the advanced ASIC technology and is CANBUS and PWM integrated.


  • Fit All: Go Performance New L1 Series LED Performance Bulbs are the solution of the most effortless headlight and fog light retrofit. The collar can rotate to get the best beam pattern. The heat sink can rotate to fit into the most confined space.
  • Projector Specific: Projector specific bulbs for projector headlamp LED upgrade.
  • Best Mechanic Cooling: State-of-the-art fin design with air vent holes to allow maximum cooling area and air flow. Nano coating for better heat radiation.
  • Improved Optic Design: 1.8MM depth between two sets of LED chips. Better beam pattern and more focused light.


  • Bright: Go Performance’s New X1 Series LED Headlight Bulbs are the brightest LED headlights on the market. The powerful LEDs provide over 6000 lumens output, 3 times more than standard halogen bulbs. 
  • Long range: The State of Art optic design provides a precise beam pattern with the defined cut line to avoid glare. The most focused hotspot than any other LED bulbs giving you the longest range of visibility on the road.
  • Better fitment: 1/2” shorter than the old fan. Fit in most dust cover application.
  • Better cooling: Fan guard integrated into the fan to allow maximum airflow.


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