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    Concept HID Bi-Xenon Conversion Kit H13 – 81131

    WHY HID?

    • Brightest in all headlight types.
    • Best performance in inclement weather condition.
    • Best performance in projector headlights upgrades.


    Increasing light output with an HID kit can provide earlier and better detection of potential hazards while driving. It will also enable the driver to react quickly to road markings, traffic signs, and most importantly – pedestrians. Concept Series HID Kits use high-quality Xenon bulbs, which produce 3-4 times more light than halogen bulbs, while only using 2/3 the power (42 Watts). As a result, you can maximize the amount of light out of your headlights while making your car more efficient to operate. Aside from increased light output, the actual color of light is more similar to natural daylight, which makes it easier to concentrate during night-time driving and perform especially good in fog, snow, and rain. Concept Series HID Ballasts are designed specifically to integrate with the complex computer systems found in modern vehicles. If your vehicle uses a CANBUS system to control and/or monitor the bulbs or if your vehicle uses a PWM system to control the bulbs, this ballast kit will be your best bet at perfect, plug and play operation.

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