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  • D Series Product Release

    • 2019-11-20
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    GO Performance is pleased to announce that we have added the D series HID bulb replacement into the X2 series LED performance bulb family. D series HID factory bulbs are used in 2015 and newer vehicles. Replacing HID bulbs into LEDs has been considered very complicated until now. HID ballasts are available in various voltage ranges and the normal practice was to bypass the HID ballasts and connect the LED bulb directly to the power source. The process requires an experienced mechanic to tap deep into the headlight wiring system.

    After years of research and development, we finally released the LED replacement for factory HID bulbs that directly connects to the factory ballast. This breakthrough makes the LED conversion as easy as changing the factory bulb.

    Simply locate the factory HID bulb and unplug it from the factory harness. (The harness is connected to the HID ballast normally fixed inside the headlamp assembly and not visible unless you remove the whole assembly.) Then, plug the new LED bulb into the factory harness and put the bulb back into the headlight. Secure any dust cap on and you are all set to go! Simple Plug And Play just like changing a factory bulb.

    The D series LED replacement bulbs include D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. Every factory HID system has different voltage ranges and they are not interchangeable. Please ensure you swap the correct style bulb. Call if you have any questions.






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