Performance Lighting Upgrade Provider


Where can I buy Go Performance products?

GRANDWEST ENTERPRISES is the Canada-wide Master Distributor for the entire Go Performance product portfolio.

Please contact GRANDWEST ENTERPRISES for your need for any Go Performance products. If you want to become a dealer, please contact Grandwest to set up a dealer’s account.

Please check here for a dealer nearest to you.

How should the LED bulbs orient?

LED bulbs have to be positioned correctly according to the different optical design of the headlamps. The light will otherwise appear to have poor output or beam pattern.  Please find the Bulb Orientation Guide here.

What’s the difference of the Anti-Flicker Harness and the Load Resistor Harness? How do I choose the correct harness for my LED system.

I’ve already installed the Anti-Flicker Harness, but my lights are still flickering at the DRL mode.


  • Anti-flicker harnesses are installed.
  • The lights still flicker, but only during the day at DRL mode.

Please see the solution here.

How do I adjust the mounting tab and the base of the LED bulbs?

Please read the Bulb Adjustment Guide for details.

Do you have any light displays?

We have a LED Headlight and Fog Light Counter Top Displays  (Part #: 11001).  Please find the details of the display here.

Where can I file a warranty claim?

If any product supplied by Go Performance is found to be defective in material or workmanship, within its warranty period, you can file a warranty claim. All warranty claims must be submitted through an authorized dealer to our Master Distributors. If you purchased the product from a dealer, please contact the dealer in regards to your warranty claim.

The fastest way to claim for warranty claim is to fill up the online Warranty Request. We will process your warranty claim and provide feedback within 24 hours.

The high beam of my 9007/9004 bulb is not bright. Why is it?

We’ve upgraded the 9007/9004 LED bulb optic design in order to solve the problem of the scattered high beam. Please find the details here.