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GO Performance - Impeccable LED Lighting Upgrades
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    GO Performance is a manufacturer whose core focus is selling to distributors. Our master distributors are focused on catering to end users and their own wholesale business domestically. Becoming an Authorized GO Performance Dealer means you enjoy the following benefits:


    Reduce your sourcing costs on GO Performance products for improved margins. Dealing direct with the manufacturer with Go Performance and import our products directly to your home country rather than through another dealer. In turn you receive superior cost advantages.

    Sales Territories:

    Master-Dealers will be granted a certain level of exclusivity in their region. Our goal is to create a global ecosystem that harbors success for all dealers by preventing profit diminishing competition between dealers and the price wars that often result in order to win a customers business.

    Want to be one of the GO Performance Master Dealers? Come on board. You’re only a couple easy steps away.
    1. Start off by filling and submitting our application form on the right.
    2. Once the application is received, one of our dedicated representatives will contact you to review the application and help to set up your online Dealer’s Access.


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