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    StrobeLink™ Bracket, (4) Grille Bracket+(1)Roof Bracket-GFB2-RGC1

    This kit includes the following components:



    The patent-pending StrobeLink™ grille and 3rd break light bracket leads the market, providing a vehicle-specific mounting solution for installers to effortlessly attach perimeter strobes or mini bars without cutting or drilling. This innovative bracket allows front installation without grille removal, significantly cutting installation time and the risk of damaging factory parts. This drill-free solution ensures easy strobe removal or replacement without causing damage. StrobeLink™ is a patent-pending strobe light install kit that simplifies installation on work trucks. With no cutting or splicing required, this kit potentially reduces labor costs by up to 75%, allowing easy replacement of damaged lights and minimizing downtime.

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    • No drill grille bracket to add strobe lights to grille and to on the top of the vehicle.
    • Vehicle specific design to fit with the factory grille or 3rd brake light.
    • atent pending offers higher strength and reduces the risk of water leakage.
    • High strength rust free stainless steel bracket.
    • Magni coated hardware to prevent corrosion.
    • 300 hour salt spray rated black power coating.