Performance Lighting Upgrades

T2 Series Product Release

  • 2019-11-20
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GO Performance is pleased to announce that we released the T2 series LED performance bulbs in late 2019 into the Canadian market. Our T2 series bulbs are another crafted bulb designed from valuable input we gained through years of working with installers, automotive enthusiasts and by commercial deployment.

We are constantly evolving our product line and we know this is one of the tools the market has asked for.

The T2 Series are designed to be small and powerful. By having the electronics built into the base of the bulb, we make a bulb that fits in the tightest of spaces. That saves time and helps to make sure the bulb fits the first time. The bulbs are smaller in size but produce up to three times (3X) the light of the stock bulb.


  • 3 times more light output than the stock halogen bulbs
  • Extreme low profile base fits in most headlight applications
  • Compatible for use in fog lights
  • Adjustable base in order to ensure correct clocking

Go ahead and browse the latest lineup. We look forward to helping you to upgrade with confidence into an LED bulb of your choice.

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