Performance Lighting Upgrades

X2 Series Product Release

  • 2019-10-28
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GO Performance is pleased to announce that we released the X2 series LED performance bulbs on October 5, 2019 into the Canadian market. If you have used our X1 Series bulbs and are happy with the overall performance, be prepared to be amazed by the X2 Series. They are simply the brightest in the market.

The X2 Series routinely outperform 35W HID lights are 5x brighter than your original bulbs and use 50% less power. Unlike most fan cooled LED bulbs the X2 series have an ultra small base to fit in almost any application. The heavy duty LED bulb power driver has built in advanced temperature control so it can be safely installed in or outside the headlight housing. Premium quality ball bearing fans ensure the longevity of the system.


  • 5 times more light output than the stock halogen bulbs
  • Unique vacuum heat pipe with fluid provides maximum cooling efficiency
  • Turbo fan with premium quality ball bearings ensures fan longevity
  • Extreme low profile base fits in all headlight applications
  • Compatible with projector headlamps

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