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    2009-2017 Ram Package (Reflector Style 4 Headlamp System)

    The 2009-2017 RAM 1500 has two different reflector style headlamp options – 4 headlamps system, or a 2-headlamp system. Essentially, if your RAM 1500 has 2 separate bulbs for the low and high beam, then you have a “4 headlamp system.” If your RAM 1500 headlights use the same bulb for low and high beam, you have a “2 headlight system.” It is important to note which type of headlight you have if you planning on upgrading the trucks lighting as different bulbs are used.

    The 4-headlamp system uses an H11 bulb for the low beams, and a 9005 bulb for the high beams. You can upgrade the low beam headlight to LED or HID. Upgrading the low beam to LED requires a pair of the anti-flicker harness. If you are looking to upgrade your high beam, definitely look at the LED conversion kits. The anti-flicker harnesses are also needed for the high beam conversion.

    Newer Ram trucks use PWM (Pulse Width Module) technology to increase bulb-life and reduce fuel consumption by sending a pulse of alternating voltages to the headlight bulb, as opposed to a stable 12V. Factory installed incandescent or halogen bulbs can handle this pulse system, as they won’t dim before the next pulse of power is received. However, an LED bulb requires constant power, and will flicker very fast if installed in a vehicle with a PWM headlight system. The anti-flicker harness is specifically designed to ensure that your headlights don’t flicker, and eliminate “lamp-out” error codes.

    To install the HID kit on the high beam, a DRL harness is required in addition to the standard 9005 HID Kit. The DRL harness will power the HID lights from battery power at low voltage as the daytime running light mode.

    The Front Fog Light uses an H10 single beam bulb. The LED bulbs are the best choice for fog light conversion. 

    You can also change the front Turn Signal Bulb, Side Marker Bulb and Parking Light Bulb to LEDs.