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    2014-2017 Toyota Tundra Package

    The 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra use uses the H4 bulbs for their headlights. The H4 is a dual-filament halogen bulb has both high and low beam in one bulb. You can upgrade the headlight to LED or HID to get more light output.

    We recommend LEDs over HIDs for reflector headlight upgrade. The reflector cup shoots the light from the light bulb out and the light output is less controlled. Therefore, an excessive amount of high output light sources will cause glare to the opposite traffic. If you live in rural or mountainous areas, or do a lot of off-roading where you really need the extra light – then HID might be a good fit for you as the HID lights works better in inclement weather conditions.

    The 2014-2017 Toyota Tundra use uses the H16(JP) bulbs. The H16(JP) bulb is very similar to an H11 bulb, and the only difference is wattage difference. We do not normally recommend HID for fog light upgrade. Fog light housings are normally smaller, so the drastic light output increase will give you a lot of glare. LEDs tend to make better choices for Fog Light upgrades. The T2 Series LED H11 Kit is a great candidate. 

    In your options for LED upgrade, we do not recommend the fan cooling LED bulbs for fog lights. Besides the glare issue similar to HID bulb, the life of the fans will drastically be reduced when exposing to an excessive amount of elements. The lower mount fog lights are close to dust and mud on the ground, therefore, are very easy to attract elements.