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    L5 Series Pod, 3″, Flush Mount, Fog Beam – 5G3612

    The L5 SERIES LED PODS are SAE certified and use automotive-grade Osram OSLON LED combined with TIR projector lenses for ideal driving beam patterns. These are nothing like the off-road pods in the market. Each of the 4 beam patterns is crafted with the best of optical and LED technology and packed with more power than the generic off-road pods.

    FOG BEAM can be critical in safety driving in the fog, rain, or snow. It gives you a wide and narrow coverage to light up the road right in front of you without the blinding reflections from your normal driving lights. The beam pattern of fog lights is one of the most strict in auxiliary driving lights for safety reasons. So never put an off-road pod into your fog light position. I could be critical illumination to help you navigate in inclement weather conditions.

    FLUSH MOUNT is designed to mount flush into bumper or any position that a flush look is most desirable.

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