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    Pro Resistor 6 Ohm – 90LR1

    Go Performance Pro Resistors accomplish the same task as a common gold resistor but are easier to install, have a lower profile, and run 50% cooler (250°F MAX).


    Generic resistor (gold aluminum resistors) heat up to unsafe +430° F temperatures! Our PRO Resistors only get half as hot. Aside from being safer to use, our resistors are weather tight and completely sealed from the elements. 18” of wiring makes finding an installation location easy.


    They will still get hot and should be mounted away from plastic or other wirings – just not nearly as hot as lower priced alternatives.


    At the end of the wiring, you’ll find wire splice tap connectors that will easily allow you to tap into your OEM wiring — no cutting necessary.

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    • Eliminates any light failure diagnostic of CANBUS system
    • Current Draw: 1.9A @ 12V | 2.25A @ 14.4V
    • Load = 1 standard filament bulb (equivalent wattage: 25W)
    • 6-ohm resistors are ideal if you want to use 1 resistor for 2 bulbs (1 for the front, and 1 for the back)
    • Easy to install
    • Clips onto wires
    • Sold in Pairs
    • 1 Year Warranty